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TestReach is a cloud-based application that provides a scalable and cost-effective way to deliver any assessment online. It covers everything from simple tests and feedback surveys, through to formal, high-stakes exams with multiple paper variants.

TestReach is the only cloud-based assessment tool that incorporates authoring capabilities with the option of remote invigilation by in-house trained supervisors, all built into one application. You can use any combination of exam delivery methods you wish, easily switching on remote invigilation when required, and have all results and data within one system.

Our intuitive and modern interface helps you to create engaging assessments with over 50 question and answer types. Advanced marking and reporting features help you manage results and have clear insights into candidate and question performance.

As a SaaS solution, TestReach is easy-to-use, quick to roll out and cost effective for any number of exams, and offers the flexibility to meet a variety of assessment needs all within one single application.

Every Kind of Assessment

TestReach is a cloud-based solution used to create, deliver and mark any type of assessment, from formative tests through to high-stake formal exams. Covering the end-to-end examination process, with the integral option of exams invigilated in real-time over the web, TestReach is transforming the running of certification programmes – reducing the administrative burden, improving the candidate experience and maximising security. With our intuitive software for writing great assessments, multiple exam delivery options and advanced marking and reporting features, it covers all your assessment needs in one easy-to-use, cost-effective and scalable solution.

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