TestReach is a cloud-based application that provides a scalable and cost-effective way to deliver any assessment online. It covers everything from simple tests and feedback

Genius AI Assistant

Genius is the ultimate AI chat companion, powered by the latest innovation from OpenAI\'s team, GPT-3. With its advanced AI capabilities, Genius can understand and respond to

Second Line 2nd Phone

It lets user add a second phone number to your smartphone. User can use it to call and text anyone , as well as make cheap international calls. It’s designed for freelancers,

Second Texting Number

Protect your privacy by sending texts from a new number. Send and receive photos to anyone with a US phone number. Unlike many other texting apps available, Second Texting Number


Daency helps beginners to learn to dance at the comfort of home, together with anyone in the world. Daency is a platform to support dancers to learn in their own way, and to


Pixelfy is a paint by number game that allows you to color by number with a variety of pixel art images. You can relax and have fun by following the numbers and creating amazing

Wonster words

Award-winning ABC, phonics, and spelling games. Kids learn while having fun. 95% of parents say that Wonster Words has helped their children gain reading skills. Enjoyed by

Sport Right Now

Real time sport scores, news etc. No longer maintained. We worked on the admin panel. The admin panel uploads player info and their social medial handles. For example, twitter

Flinders Island

It is a travel guide for Flinders Island, one of 52 islands in the Furneaux Group dotted across Bass Strait, north-east of Tasmania1. It provides information on how to explore,

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